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Scoop is a desktop RSS reader built using the Adobe AIR framework
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Scoop is a desktop RSS reader built using the Adobe AIR framework. Scoop is about the same as your every-day RSS reader, but it adds some nice features to the mix. For starters, Scoop is a multi-platform project. Thanks to the Adobe AIR framework, Scoop can work on Windows, Mac and Linux machines. Also, Scoop integrates nicely with Google Reader, one of the most popular web-based, online RSS readers on the market. You can use several Google accounts on Scoop and those will synchronize with Scoop automatically. So, if you read a news feed on Scoop, it will automatically appear as read on Google Reader. The best feature perhaps is the ability to browse content offline. You can have Scoop cache all your news feeds so that you can take them on the go, when you don't have Internet access. Thus, those news will be marked as read as soon as you come back and re-sync Scoop. The program also allows you to receive notifications when new elements are added to your feeds, which is a feature I would like Google Reader to have. This application is still in an early beta stage, but it does look promising.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • Support for offline browsing
  • User notifications
  • Multiple account syncing


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